STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 194
takes on two systemic roles   as a subsystem and supra system, as a means and as a goal
in relation to other (sectors or systems). We hold this concept more justified than  par 
allel  priorities, where sets of goals (and means) exist independently or else their mutu 
al relations (purposeful, causative, functional, , etc.) are ambiguous. Such fragmentation
of ideas and knowledge would lead Croatia to further disintegration   moral, structural,
Likewise,  a  unilateral  perception  of  priorities,  according  to  which  one  field  would  be
much more important than another, would make Croatia a hostage of obsolete percep 
tions of comparative advantages. In that way, Croatia would become a small part of the
global division of labor specialized in a specific production or branch, much like a large
company. In the approaching era of fast and unexpected changes in the global economy,
as well as in the division of roles and knowledge, it would be an unreliable and risky way
of adjustment. Such a country would become less and less capable of perceiving what
other potentials it has at its disposal and whether it can substitute unilateral with multi 
lateral adjustments.
Not only in the interest of the cultural sector, but of Croatia as a whole, development
should be taken as a multi lane process. Generally speaking, not a single developmental
leap, from the Cro Magnon through Renaissance Italy or The Netherlands to the USA,
Japan or today s Ireland, took place only in one field, nor did it develop only one set of
human skills at the expense of others. On the contrary, all the essential capacities devel 
oped  simultaneously:  the  artistic  formation  of  objects,  trade,  production,  innovation,
respect for, storage and preservation of the most valuable goods, communication with
others, and development of international relations. Conversely, a decline in development
leads to the parallel decline in a variety of fields. One should therefore hope that at least
part of Croatia s cultural and social capital, part of the overall knowledge and social net 
works has remained preserved from any more powerful thrust of regression. We must
hope that it can be used for a new development cycle in which the cultural sector will
creatively participate in the development of other sectors, from education for life in a
multicultural  world  to  the  economy  which  balances  the  needs  of  growth  with  various
other needs of the community.


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