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segments  in  culture  are  numerous  and  diversified.  When  each  is  elaborated  upon  in
detail,  from  the  policy  pertaining  to  the  theatre  or  film  to  the  one  relating  to  cultural
minorities,  managing  bodies  and  professional  ones  (culture  councils),  it  will  become
possible  to  unequivocally  determine  what,  precisely,  the  basic  goals  are  and  what  the
essential means in specific cultural fields and specific parts of the country are.
In general terms, we are advocating an idea according to which the means of cultural
development include institutions, financing or infrastructure, namely dimensions that do
not directly constitute human resources (cultural, educational and social). Objects are the
means of development while people are the goals. The definition of meaningful activity
in culture should not exclude individuals who are not artists, managers or political or
other  influential  or  well  known  people,  but  only  operators  who  keep  culture  running.
They all work in culture in their own way. The more comprehensive definition of culture
we are opting for has to take into account that great achievements or exceptional values
are the products of cultural acts, the development of creative personalities, building of
cultural monuments or historic towns   are impossible without the work of countless and
anonymous  people;  these  range  from  parents  and  former  teachers  who  are  now  well
known  and  deserving  individuals  to  stage  workers,  construction  workers  and  cleaning
persons. Are the operators a mere means in the development of a great mind, national or
international? They are, if we take culture exclusively as the social elite s way of self pre 
sentation or self assertion. They are not if we view culture, and we give priority to this
meaning, as capital in knowledge that mutually connects and attracts an increasing num 
ber of people, which makes borders softer and enhances communication and cooperation
between the large and small, between those who know much about a small number of
things and those who know a bit about many things, between specialists and common
sense   creating in that manner new and intermediary forms of knowledge and purpose 
ful action. Such a community becomes at the same time more educated, more democrat 
ic, more interactive and united.
Sustainable development requires this kind of holistic perception of developmental pos 
sibilities and goals, while the comprehensive as possible perception of development and
its real interdependence are extremely well suited for culture. The strategy of sustainable
and inter dependent development implies that every field   from micro economics and
financing to pension funds, from traffic to science, from national security to culture  


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