STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 192
  Instruments: intensification of activities (compared to the present) with new programs;
commercialization as required (renting of space for culturally compatible purposes, etc.);
further informatization, much more a place of life and work than sightseeing or visiting
destinations;  many  more  specialized  purposes  (galleries,  museums,  archives,  libraries,
monument spaces).
   Goal  of  cultural  relations     pluralism,  openness,  diversified  and  innovative  cultural
  Instruments: decreasing considerably the concurrence and indifferent co existence of
majority and minority cultures (mono culturalism) and enhancing their communication
and cooperation (pluralism); enhancing the international significance of cultural events
and increasing investments in their reputation abroad rather than in cultural production
for  domestic  needs;  considerably  intensifying  multi media  and  multi sector  presenta 
tions in cultural co operation; and building Croatia s self image more to reflect internal
reality and much less for the purpose of external likeability.
  Goal of cooperation with other sectors  culture s evolvement into Croatia s develop 
mental force.
  Instruments: connecting much more closely culture to tourism than has been the case;
increasing  considerably  the  use  of  new  communication  technologies;  establishing  an
institute for research and development in culture; substituting the majority of tasks of the
classical state administration in culture with cultural management; and transforming tra 
ditional cultural capital (knowledge for the sake of knowledge) into socio cultural capi 
tal (knowledge for sustainable development).
Generally  speaking,  means  are  lower  rank  goals  or  less  general  ones  (in  other  words,
goals that require less time for their realization) as compared to higher (more compre 
hensive) goals. What are, ultimately,  pure  means and what  pure  development goals
depends on how concrete the strategy of development is. Only in future policy papers
that will serve for planning and programming cultural activities in each of the described
cultural fields, as well as in individual territorial units in Croatia, will it be possible to
fully specify the relationship between goals and instruments of development. Strategic


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