STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 191
overview of the goals and 
instruments of cultural development
The goals and instruments of the strategy of cultural development we summarily pre 
sented shall be outlined even more briefly below, including their functionality and pur 
pose. The strategy of cultural development of the Republic of Croatia has one all encom 
passing or overall, one general (cultural and political) and ten particular goals. Each of
these goals is linked to a series of instruments that have been proposed as optimal at this
point  in  time  (for  propelling  development  towards  the  goal).  Given  the  very  abstract
elaboration in this part, the instruments can be perceived as goals on a somewhat less
abstract level. The all encompassing or overall goal is axiomatically above the particular
goals, so from that aspect the latter can be considered instruments. In the same formal
sense, particular goals (sub systems) of cultural policy are instruments for achieving the
general goal of cultural policy. In other words, it is as follows:
  Overall strategic goal   culturally sustainable development.
  Instruments: cultural policy; art and cultural industries; cultural heritage; cultural rela 
tions; co operation with other sectors.
  General goal of cultural policy   selecting and linking instruments of development that
warrant growth and the developmental use of cultural capital as well as the shaping of
Croatia s cultural landscape.
   Instruments: legislation;  financing;  management;  participation;  education;  employ 
ment; ownership.
  The goal of developing art and cultural industries   merging culture as a  goal and cul 
ture as a  means in the process of which quality works would enjoy wide popularity.
  Instruments: (approximate description of numerical values on the scale): reduced pro 
duction of art for art s sake and increased cultural industries production; popularization
of cultural public property in the same manner as commercial goods; equal share of state
subsidies and private investments; culture becoming more a production than a consump 
tion activity; and decreased import and increased export of cultural goods.
  The goal of developing cultural heritage  continuation in new forms of contemporane 
ity and sustainable development.


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