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financing functions transferred to para state bodies that bring decisions in a relatively
autonomous manner, except when ideologically sensitive topics that require funding are
at stake or else the publishing specific works. For example the former self management
interest community model in Yugoslavia/Croatia.
88     Process  of  transferring  financing  powers  (financial  decentralization)  to  regions,
cities, and municipalities. Considerable lack of coordination among administrative lev 
els.  Some  regions  or  municipalities  allocate  no  funds  for  culture.  General  situation  in
Croatia today.
7   Financial decentralization is accompanied by administrative decentralization: the sys 
tem  or  number  of  local  units  is  being  reformed  and  greater  autonomy  introduced  in
determining the structure of local (self)government, including departments for culture.
The allocation of funds for culture on local levels is even more uncertain and uneven.
The minister no longer appoints the heads of cultural institutions, but does intervene in
cases of misunderstanding or conflict.
6    Mosaic  or sustainable decentralization.  The state (central) sanctions decentraliza 
tion only in the case of local units with infrastructural, professional and financial condi 
tions for decision making in culture while in all other cases it intervenes (financially and
supervising their work) with a view to protecting cultural property on the territories of
the  units  in  question. The  beginnings  of  polycentric  management  and  involvement  of
non state foundations, sponsors, and other outside interested parties in the financing of
  Polycentric management: transfer of the authority for cultural planning to larger cul 
tural historical regions, namely their cultural councils. The (central) state retains its pre 
cedence in setting the objectives and strategic instruments of cultural development, i.e.
key criteria for the allocation of funds. The growth of non state financing. The point to
which Croatia (according to the existing priority list) should go (but no further).
4    The  beginning  of  deconstructing  polycentrism  in  the  direction  of  decentralization.
The diminished share of public funds as compared to private resources. Inter connection
with development in other sectors and increased importance of culture as a means. The
definition of public cultural property becomes less significant than purely local and pri 
vate criteria of defining cultural property.
3   Municipalities and cities, including private firms or corporations become the chief


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