STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 187
outline of objectives and gradation 
of cultural development instruments 
The following 10 point scale with depicted present and desirable future points is aimed
at giving a clearer view of the strategic sections shown up to now. More reliable model 
ing can ensue only after public debates and the elaboration of the strategy s tasks/instru 
ments for each section or cultural field (policy papers). The bold numbers represent the
assessed  hitherto  values,  namely,  the  point  reached  today  through  the  use  of  cultural
development instruments in a specific field, while the red number indicates the desired
values, namely, where the use of developmental instruments should lead.
As can be seen from the outline below, the progress towards new points is not equal or
even for all fields. It differs, following a  zigzag  pattern. Somewhere, it has to move up
more on the scale, somewhere less. And even after reaching a new point in the future, the
progression could continue  back  or  forth,   left  or  right  on the scale. This logic is
a reflection of the rational nature of the strategy and policy: only the orientation towards
the main or long term goal is unquestionable, everything else is variable   namely, the
legislative, financial, technological, and other sets of instruments.
We shall illustrate the manner of modeling the degrees of using instruments of develop 
ment in the field of cultural management. Every other field requires its own modeling,
meaning that each of the ten instrumental levels of the strategy should be defined in line
with  the  specificities  of  the  field  in  question.  That  and  the  example  which  follows,
require considerable additional work in analyzing and evaluating individual points for
the  scale  to  be   calibrated   and  thus  serve  as  the  strategy's  reliable  measuring  instru 
Management   Objective: form of (political, financial, and administrative) (de)centralization most stimulating (in the given
timeframe) for culturally sustainable development on all territorial levels.
10  9  88 7  6  
4  3  2  1                 
10     Fully  centralized  and  under  state  control  ( engineer  state ).  All  decisions  are
brought  at  the  state  or  para state  levels,  usually  in  agreement  with  party  leadership.
Censorship over creativity or published works.
9   Lessening state controls and introducing decentralization. Some decision making and


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