STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 186
It will be necessary to produce one s own combination of global and local, initiate alter 
native and avantguard cultural projects, namely, everything that makes the current envi 
ronment culturally richer and more interesting. To wedge in today, key cultural or his 
torical elements of  Croatian design  through the evocation of prominent figures or spe 
cific products from the Croatian past would certainly not be sufficient to clearly differ 
entiate Croatia from Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Serbia in the eyes
of  foreign  tourists  or  companies.  In  the  sense  of  favorable  distinguishing  stereotypes,
Croatia  is  for  now  a  country  with  a   beautiful  coastline  plus  Dubrovnik.   The  rest
remains to be developed, but not from the very beginning again, but with a sense of con 
tinuity and harmony between old and new forms, from nature and old monument com 
plexes to contemporary space of cultural expression and social communication.
The above described instruments of cultural development will be outlined more clearly
below.  First,  we  will  give  an  outline  of  the  objectives  and  selected  means  of  cultural
development within the range of two extreme points. We will recapitulate, on that basis,
the objectives and instruments of cultural development.


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