STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 185
achieve new developmental effects in culture. If the new institutional rules of the game
are not an impetus for new, culturally sustainable development but become a cover for
positioning old interests and customs, namely, the struggle for power, it will be neces 
sary to change them once again. That means to formulate a series of new tasks or instru 
ments substituting those from this draft   so as to venture once again to redirect culture
towards its main goal.
For now, among the entire proposed formal changes, one is particularly prominent: the
transfer of a good part of decision making powers to professionals. Both on the nation 
al level and on future decentralized levels of cultural management and in the democrati 
zation and educational and media popularization of culture, and even in enhancing the
function of cultural amateurism and adopting legislation on privatization   professionals
in culture and related sectors (education, science) will have the final word. It is a great
opportunity that professionals should not miss and sink back again into guild and other,
from  the  cultural  point  of  view,  unessential  and  adverse  divisions  and  score settling.
They  can  be  considered   growing  pains   in  culture as goal  that  was  constantly  subsi 
dized and had become accustomed to sponsorship. In case of a new failure, the chances
of Croatian culture to survive in present and future global cultural wars would be con 
siderably reduced, and the Croatian language would most probably remain a means of
communication of the masses, as it once was, while the elite would speak some mixture
of languages. Not only this, but other strategic texts as well are full of neo Anglicism and
manners  of  thinking  that  describe  the  world  of  objects,  techniques  and  development
models created somewhere else and not in Croatia. Naturally, the translation of neolo 
gisms in the spirit of Croatian linguistic purism would not remedy things. If the struggle
for the  Croatian product  is ever to bear fruit, it will begin on a reflective and concep 
tual  level,  meaning  on  an  authentically  creative  one. This  does  not  mean  inventing  a
 Croatian  theory   of  development,  but  rather  creating  conditions  for  designing  and
developing products, services, and communicational forms that are required for adapta 
tion  on  the  local  level,  namely  reinterpretation  of  European  and  global  development.
Where comprehensive development does not correspond to domestic needs and interests,
indigenous ways should be construed. The   Croatian  product   should  be  a  product  of
creativity that would connect a variety of things that up to now have seemed impossible
to bring together and which caused a nationalistic block of creativity and free expression.


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