STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 182
  firstly, organize seminars and workshops for educating and professionally training cul 
tural workers;
   create  an  infrastructure  and  improved  legislative  framework  inductive  to  cultural
entrepreneurship and the professional status of cultural managers;
  involve the heads of cultural projects and cultural institutions in international networks
for educational and professional training in the field of management;
  initiate specialization courses in cultural management at institutions of higher learning
and integrate them in European and international networks of cultural management cen 
ters and schools; and
   promote  the  establishment  of  professional  agencies  for  information,  consulting,  and
expert aid in the field of cultural advertising.
Cultural capital
Finally, it is necessary to develop cultural capital, namely, pools of knowledge that will
stimulate the development of social capital with low hierarchy, the bringing into line of
individualism and solidarity, equality between the sexes, preferences towards safer and
smaller industries and aesthetic dimensions of working and living environments, unin 
hibited communication and low information context. This calls for:
  researching forms of codified and common sense knowledge that can be used in the
development of desirable forms of social capital, as well as of how the ideas and skills
of the unemployed and of senior citizens can be used for their reactivation and re em 
ployment with at least minimum wages;
  popularizing among the elite the idea of free of charge work hours for the purpose of
creating new jobs;
  including the arts and humanities in teaching programs and textbooks with a view to
stimulating desirous forms of social capital;
  popularizing the use of artistic and scientific works as tool for understanding social
crises and possibilities of their resolution, through the co operation of professional arti 
sts, amateurs and the public; recommending the use of literary humor and other ways of
indirectly expressing disagreement;
  using cultural heritage settings and traditional culture events as venues for important
expert meetings;


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