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  make available broad and unlimited access to quality cultural information services;
  accept the process of de fragmentation and integration of the hitherto fragmented and
unconnected fields of art, science, technology and industry;
  apply new forms of organization made possible through new technologies (networking);
  initiate multi disciplinary research into the hitherto undeveloped aspects of introducing
new technologies in culture;
  establish an institution that will link work on development and application of specific
solutions in the use of new technologies in culture; and
  create new work places in the division of labor, made possible by the convergence of
various professions linked to new technologies.
Research and development
Research and development in culture will require the construction of an information and
research system for the continued monitoring and valuation of cultural policy in Croatia.
It is therefore necessary to undertake the following steps:
  establish an intranet in the Ministry of Culture which would connect registers of cul 
tural institutions, programs, and cultural property in the Republic of Croatia;
  research the protagonists, names, contents and methodological characteristics of exist 
ing cultural statistics and on that basis propose a program for a coordinated system of
cultural statistics and cultural indicators;
   systematically  monitor  the  methods  and  techniques  of  implementing  and  evaluating
cultural policy and development of cultural fields;
  transfer research findings on culture and cultural development for requirements in cul 
tural policy elaboration, decision making and management;
  adopt measures for promoting cultural development based on applied, developmental
and comparative research; and
  equip the Institute for Culture of Croatia for implementing the described tasks of devel 
oping an information and research system.
Cultural management
In order to create conditions for the education and professional training of experts in cul 
tural management it is necessary to:


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