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inter sector fields of cultural development
Globalization processes in the economy, tourism, new information and communication
technologies,  new  forms  of  management  and  developmental  know how     impose  the
need to do away with strictly sector divisions and self containment and to adopt inter 
sector connecting. Given that the holistic approach to development is of crucial impor 
tance for culture, the cultural sector in Croatia has a vital interest in establishing ties and
co operating  with  others  on  joint  development  projects  and  programs.  However,  the
modes of fundamental and applied research know how, and the rather rigid and bureau 
cratic division of institutions and competences, are having difficulties in adapting to the
new reality. In most cultural fields, the orientation to inter sector co operation is still in
the making. The situation is similar in related sectors in which culture is seeking devel 
opmental partners: tourism, the economy, science, education, health, foreign affairs, etc.
The following proposals aim at initiating developmental co operation with other sectors.
Cultural tourism
Cultural  tourism  should  be  developed  by  integrating  cultural  activities  into  a  distin 
guishing feature of tourism, expanding its offer to less visited destinations and prolong 
ing the tourist season. These goals can be achieved by the following:
  using part of the tourist tax for investments in cultural infrastructure;
  elaborating on the idea of local diversity or unique sale proposal;
  involving tourists in the life of local communities or making them cultural  research 
ers ;
  organizing special routes for those with specific interests;
  linking off season arrangements with religious holidays and local feasts, ethnographic
sites and monuments in continental Croatia with domestic tourists as the target group;
  supplementing tourist routes with the promotion of the local cultural events; and
  establishing within cultural tourism, co operation among all sectors in cultures,
New information and communication technologies
It is necessary to prepare and adapt cultural institutions and cultural industries for struc 
tural  changes  brought  about  by  new  information  and  communication  technologies. To
this end we must:


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