STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 179
  encouraging greater diversity of cultural activities of minority communities, in addition
to those relating to language and their own cultural heritage and collective memory;
  re evaluating and revitalizing the contribution of minority cultures in Croatian culture,
offering  possibilities  of  self expression  through  culture  and  cultural  organization  that
would not exclusively be based on national or ethnic differences, namely, affiliation;
  developing, in schools, the media and publishing industry, and the spirit of tolerance, par 
ticularly in respect to the use of minority languages in public and private communication;
  including, through decentralized decision making, local communities and associations
in organizations and activities of minority communities.
International cultural co operation
International cultural co operation should evolve as a developmental, multi sector and
multi media activity with various countries and cultural regions in the world and mainly
through non traditional forms of cultural co operation, wherein the participants and dif 
fering approaches to culture would be treated equitably. Likewise its development should
be marked by the opening up to cultural innovations and support of non institutional and
non governmental  partnerships.  To  achieve  these,  the  following  measures  should  be
  co operating with the European Union within the Program 2001 2002 in the field of
  encouraging new forms of artists creativity through the use of new technologies;
  introducing and using new technologies of intercultural communication and networking;
  promoting co operation in the publishing industry, film, discography, audio visual and
multi media productions;
  connecting cultural co operation with other fields such as science, education, tourism,
environmental protection, etc.;
  developing cultural co operation on all levels and viewing counties, towns, municipal 
ities, and artistic organizations as independent protagonists of cultural co operation;
  relying more on sponsorship and donation in international co operation; and
  monitoring the effects of cultural co operation on the development of Croatian culture
and changes in local environments and quality of life.


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