STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 178
  updating the existing legislation;
  introducing training courses for educating experts in the field of traditional heritage;
  protecting and preserving the most valuable examples of traditional architecture and
specific ambiences;
  familiarizing secondary school students with traditional customs;
  participating in bilateral and multilateral programs, as well as joint international events;
  publishing a calendar of international meetings and events in the field of traditional cul 
ture in Croatia;
  evaluating and including traditionally adopted heritage into a unique Croatian tourist
   organizing,  along  with  traditional  food  days  in  hotels,  ethnographic  exhibitions  and
other authentic customs and traditional events; and
  including ethnologists in the manufacture of quality Croatian souvenirs.
cultural relations
Croatian cultural identity is developing within the context of its relationship towards the
minorities in Croatia, its affiliation with West European, Central European, and Mediter 
ranean space, as well as within the context of its co operation with other European and
non European countries on various levels: state, regional, non governmental, non insti 
tutional  etc.  In  these  dynamic  interactions,  national,  sub national  and  post national
forms of identity intertwine in a way that is not exclusive and burdened with old politi 
cal aspirations and fears. It is all the more so, as the European Union, whose full fledged
member Croatia will become, can no longer be an alliance of dominant and hegemonic
cultures opposite small nations and cultures.
Multi culturalism and inter cultural communications
The concept of multi culturalism and inter cultural communications should be accepted
and further developed with a view to achieving the following:
  securing the respect of human and cultural rights through the consistent application of
existing laws in this field;
  developing, along with the renewal of cultural heritage within the framework of coop 
eration with religious communities, other forms of activities in relation to minorities;


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