STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 177
  adopt a national plan for the digitalization of libraries in Croatia and co ordinate it with
the digitalization of analogous cultural heritage;
  develop new tasks for libraries in cyberspace; and
  provide permanent education of Croatian librarians and permanent computer education
to library users.
Museums should be asserted as an integral component of the community and continued
existence of heritage in new, modern day forms. To that end the following are required:
  the establishment and funding of the central museum system;
  the funding and stimulation of the employment of computer experts, museum peda 
gogues, and advertising experts in museums;
  the development of a base of highest category museum items through the analysis and
valuation of museum holdings;
  the stepping up of the acquisition of museum materials and increased openness towards
  the preventive protection of museum materials and raising of the technical level of pro 
tecting and preserving museum items;
  supporting the projects for the Museum of Modern Art, VuEedol Archaeological Park,
Narona Museum, Museum of Modern Sculpture Labin, Krapina Prehistoric Man Museum;
  the museological valuation of the link between ambience and authentic objects and sup 
port of the development of existing specialized museums, including the development of
new and specific museum forms;
  the integration of museum projects in the overall provision of knowledge and informa 
tion on heritage in a specific region and connect it in that way to the tourist trade; and
supporting inter state and inter sector co operation of museum institutions and activities.
Traditional culture
Traditional  culture,  as  passed down  heritage,  should  continue  to  be  asserted  and  dis 
seminated to those rural areas in which tradition is on the verge of extinction in order to
incorporate such activities into a Croatian product corresponding to the environment and
cultural heritage. This can be achieved in diverse ways:


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