STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 176
Archival services
For the comprehensive and effective work of archival services it is necessary to secure
appropriate conditions in terms of institutions, space, education and restitution implying
the taking of the following measures:
  establishing an Archives Office at the Croatian National Archives;
  co coordinating archives funding according to the type and administrative level of the
archival services;
  developing a unique system of documentation, classification and macro evaluation of
records including the functional micro evaluation at the originator s level;
   providing  new  space  for  the  Croatian  National Archives  and  urgently  resolving  the
problems of the restoration and conservation and reprography laboratories;
  urgently providing space for the Croatian Film Library;
   co coordinating  the  network  of  national  archives  with  the  administrative  division  of
Croatia and establishing national archives in Po ega and  ibenik;
  encouraging the founding of specialized archives;
  linking archival services and incorporating them into the European network of archival
  introducing optional subjects in the existing studies of archival administration; and
   completing  the  repatriation  of  archival  material  from Austria,  Italy,  and  the  Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia,
In  order  for  Croatia  to  be  covered  by  a  functional  network  of  libraries  in  which  each
library is an access point to knowledge and information in Croatia and the world, it is
necessary to do the following:
  amend the existing legislation on libraries;
  increase funds earmarked for libraries in all library owners  budgets, particularly for
equipment and information sources;
  substantially increase the acquisition of all information sources;
  convert old catalogues and work out a joint catalogue;
  connect library systems and networks in Croatia and with the world and create corre 
sponding portals;


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