STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 175
Monument heritage
The monument heritage should be awarded a more appropriate role in the national econ 
omy and development, and a first rate one in the shaping of the spatial environment of
old historical towns. The following are required:
  improved legislation on cultural monument property in relation to private property and
investment partnerships;
  the decentralization of monument management after the model of museums, archives,
and restoration services;
  the institution of a national register of monuments and documents as a separate public
  the collection of data on all forms of investments in monument protection and planning
of future investment along these lines;
  the channeling of new housing construction programs in larger towns, primarily toward
old urban centers;
  considering the possibility of the daily maintenance of cultural monuments and sensi 
tizing  the  public  to  smaller scale  restoration  interventions,  and  also  directing  the  en 
hanced interest and investments of foreign foundations to less known monument com 
  the introduction of an  archaeological police  in the protection of monuments, partic 
ularly in the Adriatic maritime area; adoption of ISO 9000 standards in environmental
protection and regional planning in the entire territory of the Croatia;
  the design of specific insignia of Croatian elite tourism on the basis of unique exam 
ples of the harmony of cultural tradition, social environment, handicrafts, and nature;
   the  alleviation  and  rational  redirecting  of  the  pressure  of  affluent  beneficiaries  on
attractive historic architecture and sites;
  explanations, on the part of conservation services, of the importance of cultural her 
itage for developing the national economy and social capital and exposition of the advan 
tages of new forms of cultural heritage protection. 
This includes long term planning, participation of non governmental organizations and
closer co operation with other administrative sectors, church institutions, the private sec 
tor, as well as better understanding of and education for conservation work, particularly
among amateurs and youth.


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