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products of as high a quality as possible quality. In order to achieve this the following
are necessary:
  for HRT (Croatian Radio and Television) to become a public television company in the
service of the citizens and free of pressure from narrow political or commercial interests
and, in particular, to prevent the involvement of the state in the editorial policies of the
   to  stimulate  quality  in  commercial  radio  station  programs  for  the  public  including
news, educational, cultural, and science programs;
  to found a new body for supervising and sanctioning the adherence to programs guide 
lines on the part of the concessionaires;
  to protect the freedom of expression and information, including on topics that impinge
upon  the  interests  of  the  state,  prohibit  the  speech  of  hate,  and  protect  the  privacy  of
ordinary citizens;
  take into account international standards and legislation and provide for associate mem 
bership in the OECD as soon as possible;
  include to the greatest possible extent domestic works of art   plays, documentaries,
visual art and music works in the programs of audio visual media;
  establish permanent co ordination and co operation between ministries for the purpose
of bringing into accord a strategic approach to media policy.
cultural heritage
The natural and cultural diversity of Croatia on whose soil not only did different civi 
lizations meet but indigenous cultural forms as an expression of self preservation devel 
oped, should be adequately continued in modern day life.
Due to the devastation caused by the recent war and aggression toward Croatia, as well
as financial restrictions caused by its transition, urgent intervention is required for the
protection of cultural heritage. 
This urgent intervention should include both the renovation of the more recent war de 
vastations  as  well  as  damages  caused  by  the  destruction  of  socialist  era  monuments,
cases  of  bibliocide,  unqualified  renovation  works,  lack  of  professional  criteria  in  the
erection of new monuments, demolition of illegal buildings without clearly defined prin 
ciples, etc.


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