STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 173
  encouraging the opening of institutions and companies outside of Zagreb and stimu 
lating the free flow and exchange of repertories, people, and ideas both within Croatia
and with foreign countries;
  initiating the interdisciplinary study of the characteristics of existing and potential new
  considering the possible conditions for the opening of schools, workshops and studies
for educating artists in areas that have not been covered by existing programs;
  better defining of the composition and competencies of artistic and professional orga 
nizations and unions, including their negotiating and contractual relations through cor 
responding cultural councils.
In  the  field  of  cinematography  it  is  necessary  to  establish  an  integral  infrastructure,
organizational set up, and concept. To this end, we must do the following:
  adopt a law encompassing all cinematographic activities;
  maintain the annual production level of six feature films, up to 80 minutes of animat 
ed film, and up to 20 documentary films;
  resolve problems linked to technical infrastructure and the legal status of Jadran Film;
provide  for  the  unhindered  activity  of  the  Croatian  Film  Archives  according  to
International Film Association s audio visual standards;
  establish the Croatian Film Centre and Film Foundation (or Film Institute);
  provide conditions for co productions with countries and cinematographies closely tied
to Croatia;
   regulate  the  relationship  between  film  and  television  production  after  the  model  of
those countries that have successfully solved problems between these two; 
   provide  for,  in  the  Ministry  of  Culture,  the  administrative  authority  over  and  more
effective operational bodies dealing in cinematography; and
  eliminate formal barriers to inter disciplinary work on film projects.
Media system
It is necessary to develop a combined or mixed media system with sufficient space for
the continual presentation of artistic values, national works of art, and cultural industry


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