STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 172
  providing conditions for the use of computer technologies in the processing of all activ 
ities in the field of music, including the promotion of domestic music art abroad;
  registering and placing under state protection all the materials from the phonographic
heritage; and
   providing  additional  capital  to  prevent  the  modification  of  the  production  basis  of
Croatia Records into other basic activities.
Theatre institutions
Theatre  institutions  require  decentralization  and  re structuring,  consolidation,  infras 
tructure  modernization,  enhancement  of  the  scale  and  quality  of  work,  diversified
sources of financing, the adjustment of education to current needs of theatre institutions
and increased exchanges between theatres. These complex objectives can be achieved by
means of the following:
  taking stock of the status of theatres and preparing documents on the usability and tech 
nical characteristics of buildings and halls;
  encouraging artists through diversified fund sources, particularly by transferring pro 
duction activities to county and city levels, to work outside of Zagreb;
  linking more closely, or even uniting the four national theatres into a unique theatrical
institution in which stimulating salaries would be provided for highly professional per 
formance levels and for systematic work on perfecting the skills of ensemble members;
  applying the  theatre company  model to other public theatres and ensuring the same
conditions in competing for funds to private theatres and independent artistic groups, as
well as public theater institutions;
  phasing out  inherited rights  in respect to financing; giving priority to new programs
and enhancing opportunities for young artists, as well as commercializing or resorting to
other sectors  partial budgetary funding of festivals in tourist centers with a view to pro 
moting tourism;
  setting up specific purpose funds outside the state administration and local self gov 
ernment  units  for  supporting  domestic  creativity,  guest  performances,  international
cooperation, theatrical art of the minorities, youth, and the disabled; 
  cutting the expenses of the administration; creating central and multi purpose work 
shops; intensifying advertising, public relations and performance preparation activities;


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