STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 171
art education level of the population, the following are necessary:
  make feasible the discovery of specifically Croatian traits in architecture, sculpture,
painting, urban and rural environments, and summer houses;
  promote Croatian visual arts abroad and foreign art in Croatia, avoiding in the pro 
cess colonial conceptions or criteria;
  take into account, aside from large scale exhibitions, the values and presentation of
numerous smaller scale (and more cost effective) exhibitions on Croatia;
  prepare multi media presentations of recent Croatian visual art;
  secure publishers for monographs of numerous prominent artists who do not as yet
have them;
  pool the potentials of high and applied art in the creation of  Croatian design ;
  step up activities on the construction of the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb and Ri 
  expand art education and knowledge of the arts in schools and the media;
  provide the presence or sponsorship of visual artists at market presentations of art
works; and
  encourage alternative forms of contact between smaller galleries, clubs, and muse 
ums, which can result in new ideas.
Music and theatre arts activities
For quality music and theatre arts activities it is necessary to provide permanent con 
ditions, particularly of domestic production and to encourage the faster and more pow 
erful development of the domestic discography industry. The following are needed: 
  the screening of the technological basis for performing music and categorizing the
facilities according to their existing states;
   giving  autonomy,  through  decentralization,  to  facilities  with  a  high  technological
basis and tradition in musical (re)production and audience attendance;
  the systematization and classification of events, providing in the process, co opera 
tion with other ministries (education and sports, science, tourism);
  solving the problem of recording large musical works, including operas through the
intervention  of  the  Ministry  of  Culture  and  an  agreement  with  Croatian  Radio 


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