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perception of culture that seeks patronage within the statist cultural policy, and on the
other is traditional industrial economy and management, which do not see art, or even
design, as partners, either in the manufacturing of products and services or in the devel 
opment of the overall regional, working, and living environment which is undoubtedly
under the strong influence of economic development. In order to identify shared inter 
ests and productive links between culture and the industry, it is necessary to construct
new steps in cultural administration, management and marketing, stimulate quality pro 
duction  in  cultural  industries,  and  popularize  the  value  of  artworks  as  well  as  other
knowledge of culture, i.e., cultures.
Literature and publishing
In literature and publishing it is necessary to create conditions for the publication, dis 
tribution and marketing of domestic and foreign literary works, which calls for the fol 
  greater financial incentives for quality programs of literary associations, including pro 
grams of cooperation with similar foreign associations at the expense of organizational
operating costs;
   supporting  decentralization,  namely,  the  polycentrism  of  literary  creative  work  and
   developing  literary  inter cultural  relations  with  writers  from  neighboring  and  other
countries, as well as co operative projects in publishing and book selling networks;
  enhancing the influence of the Ministry of Culture in the selection of cultural attaches;
   modernizing  programs  intended  for  the  Croatian  Diaspora  in  the  spirit  of  the  idea
 minorities as bridges, 
  increasingly referring writers and publishers to sponsorship; and
  maintaining the hybrid properties of cultural space, not only through new information
and documentation technologies but also through direct meetings of authors, producers,
the public and all other parties from the world of literature.
Visual arts
In  order  to  integrate  the  visual  arts  scene  into  the  European  and  international  one,  to
develop visual arts infrastructure and conceive the visual identity of Croatia and raise the


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