STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 169
Employment in culture
It is necessary to increase employment in culture and the share of cultural professionals
in related activities by:
  enhancing the alignment of the patterns and shares of permanent and flexible employ 
ment along with stimulating the growth of employment in both sectors;
  elaborating upon retraining or additional education programs for the unemployed in culture;
  adapting employment statistics in the sector of culture to the new definition of culture
and a broader understanding of the culture sector;
  participating in measures aimed at reducing the fiscal burden in salaries and income
tax and assessing their effects on employment in culture; and
  promoting existing professional profiles in culture that enable employment in cultural
industries  as  well  as  in  other  industrial  and  economic  sectors,  particularly  cultural
Privatization in culture
The process of continued privatization in culture should aim at increasing internal effec 
tiveness, raising the quality of goods and services, employment, innovation, balancing
the budget and enhancing management, which requires the following:
  the elaboration of a comparative study on existing foreign experiences with privatiza 
tion in culture and a separate study on Croatia s experience with privatization;
  passing a special set of privatization laws based on the results of these studies, taking
into consideration and applying in the process various privatization models for different
areas of culture;
  adopting compensation measures in the form of financial assistance to privatized seg 
ments of culture if they are incapable of autonomously operating on the basis of their
own cultural programs; and
   subjecting  public  cultural  institutions  to  loyal  competition  of  privatized  institutions,
particularly in the process of allocating funds for proposed programs.
arts and cultural industries
The connection between arts and cultural industries, namely, between creativity and mar 
ket production is not easily established. The reasons are many. On one hand is the elitist


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