STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 168
Participation in culture
Participation in culture, particularly through cultural amateurism, should be asserted as
a way of enhancing the quality of life and achieved through the following measures:
  engaging permanently in empirical research of the use of free time, especially among
youth and compiling responding culture statistics (modeled after Eurostat);
  promoting and furthering the development of cultural amateurism;
  enhancing cooperation between professionals and amateurs through workshops; equip 
ment rentals, technically educated personnel, as well as adequate premises;
  introducing systemic benefits for the participation of youth in culture;
  stepping up and enhancing amateur cultural activities among Croatians living abroad; 
   developing  socially  cohesive  effects  of  amateurism,  particularly  in  mutual  contacts
between minorities and the majority, and in the work with marginalized groups.
Cultural education
Cultural education should be given an enhanced role in schools, life long education and
the media through the following:
  providing for the possibility of studying optional subjects in art schools along with reg 
ular education;
  transferring the right to decide on cultural education in schools, as well as the choice
of the type of art education to local self governing units;
  co operating as actively as possible with artists and artistic associations in the teaching
of art in schools and open universities, as well as radio and televisions programs devot 
ed to culture and the arts;
  providing for the possibility of open universities to organize education and retraining
courses for understaffed professions in culture administration and cultural management;
  constructing required facilities for art education;
  stimulating the performance of art works in environments and institutions disinclined
toward creative work, open communication or unconventional behavior;
  gradually decreasing the drain of top experts abroad and creating conditions for their
return and reintegration;
  stimulating quality public production of entertainment, choreography, souvenir design etc.
  stepping up the development of new technologies and media in art education.


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