STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 167
Financing culture
Resources for financing culture should be raised in the following ways:
  increasing the overall budgetary funds for culture;
  strengthening financial discipline as regard the spending of earmarked funds;
  allocating, from the budget, specific purpose funds for low and no interest loans for
long term investments in culture;
  allowing for the transfer of funds from commercially more profitable to higher artistic
quality culture industries that are less lucrative;
  regulating and increasing tax benefits for creative work and investments in culture;
stimulating sponsorship and donations; and collecting rent for the use of cultural goods
for business activities,
   including  culture  among  the  beneficiaries  of  income  generated  through  games  of
Management and decentralization
Management  in  culture  should  be  subjected  to  a  multi dimensional  process  of  decen 
tralization and based on polycentric development coming from Croatia's cultural and his 
toric regions: 
  it should retain, at the national level, powers pertaining to developmental priorities and
objectives,  while according those  pertaining  to  cultural  planning  to  the  regional  level,
incorporating in the process the provision on counties as cultural regions; 
  inviting proposals for general type and specialized multi year competitions; 
  providing on all levels, at which relatively independent cultural policies are pursued,
the following: sustainability (of the level of cultural life); coordination (between admin 
istrative levels); stimulation (of effects on various cultural activities); interconnecting on
the  basis  of  shared  interests  (with  sectors  outside  of  culture)  and  acceptability  (in  the
public, private and non profit sectors); 
  elaborating at each administrative level short and long term development strategies; 
  establishing cultural councils wherever conditions exist (depending on the number of
regions and experts); and 
   reconstructing  and  further  developing  the  network  of  popular  and  open  universities,
centers for culture, and halls of culture.


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