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The idea of culture in Croatia today differs from the one of yesterday. It is moving away
from old sources, when culture represented the essence of national identity and emanci 
pation with regard to the kingdoms and similar supra systems it was once part of, to 
wards new, albeit, uncertain origins within the context of European integration and eco 
nomic globalization, when independence and freedom of action are to be perceived and
understood in a different way. In this new context, culture has to redefine its role in na 
tional development, both in regard to modern production of goods and services as well
as in shaping the symbolic identity and social values of the community on the path to the
European community of nations and cultures and a new global society.
The Goal of Cultural Development
Assuming that further development in the world, including new investments, will prior 
itize  environments  capable  of  striking  a  balance  between  global  circulation  and  local
needs, as well as between economic growth, state influence and control, civil society and
the natural environment, cultural development in Croatia should focus on principles of
sustainable  development. To  that  end  it  is  necessary  to  mobilize  cultural  heritage  re 
sources and new forms of artistic expression; initiate domestic cultural industries; raise
the level of art education; step out from a strictly delineated cultural space into everyday
cultural life; open up numerous channels of inter sector cooperation; enhance relations
towards other cultures; etc. The long term goal of such activities is sustainable cultural
development, which implies:
a) increasing the interest of the population in quality products of elite, traditional, and
alternative cultures,
b) developing needs, the meeting of which will alleviate the strain on natural resources
and existing capacities of infrastructure and inhabited areas,
c) strengthening social cohesion and communication outside the traditional frameworks
of social identity and defusing social Darwinist aspirations.
cultural policy
Cultural policy in Croatia in the 1990s evolved in the shadow of the consequences of war
and aggression on Croatia and was marked by a neo conservative perception of culture.
This concept was characterized by the following: the prominence given to symbols of the


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