STRATEGIJA2.6  6/18/03  5:12 PM  Page 161
ly those that link economic and cultural interests. Special tax concessions are directly
awarded to those who decide to invest in culture and thus stimulate the creative efforts
of artists or artistic organizations. These concessions   provided in the form of value 
added  tax  exemptions,  primarily  on  foreign  donations  but  also  in  regard  to  free lance
artists  and  artistic  organizations,  including  film  screening  services     have  had  evident
positive effects manifesting themselves in the sudden increase of registered cultural asso 
ciations and artistic organizations. In addition to traditional books and publications, the
tax concessions have been broadened to include modern text carriers (CD ROM, video
and audio cassettes and diskettes) in line with the contemporary trends and new tech 
nologies. We are still not able to observe the new autochthonous range of cultural cre 
ativity  as  a  development  running  in  parallel  with  the  elaboration  of  this  strategy.
Likewise, the effects of the new tax legislation, according to which all donations to cul 
ture by  physical and legal persons  are tax deductible, are yet to be measured. What is
certain  is  that  these  laws  not  only  follow  but  actually  exceed  the  most  progressive
European  cultural  legislation.  In  the  short  period  of  time  since  their  adoption  the
Ministry has already registered the first major investments by some of Croatia s leading
companies,  which  make  donations  to,  sponsor  cultural  events,  and  give  art  education
The campaign entitled the White Square of Culture, which will be continued after a peri 
od of stagnation, should open up a whole range of issues having to do with financing,
creating joint investment funds, including, favorable loans for cultural activities. Like 
wise,  the  question  of  compensation,  i.e.,  so called  monument  rent,  still  inadequately
dealt with in practice, although defined by law, should be solved to the benefit of local
self governing  units,  thus  strengthening  the  link  between  the  economy,  particularly
tourism, and culture, and at the same time providing for a specific form of self financ 
ing for the preservation of Croatia s rich monumental heritage.
The reform processes affecting the methods and substance of decision making and fund 
ing, as well as the material position of culture, as already mentioned, have taken root in
the strategy of cultural development. In the global changes affecting not only the status
of culture but also cultural evaluations and orientations, Croatia is finding new paths for
itself, within the overall global melting and is seeking the ways to preserve its own cul 
tural interests.


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